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Maintain the Comfort in Your Home with a Humidifier in Batavia, IL

The humidity in your home or office has a significant impact on your comfort level. The term humidity refers to the amount of moisture in the air. Cool air holds a lot less water vapor than warm air. The percentage may be the same, but the total amount will be vastly different. Installing a humidifier in Batavia, IL, helps control the level and makes the air as moist or dry as you want.

Low humidity air, as you will find in the winter, has many adverse effects. It causes dry skin and a sore throat and irritates your eyes and nose. It is also responsible for those nasty static electricity shocks that occur when touching something after walking across the carpet in your house. Controlling the humidity level in your home also helps with breathing and lung problems.

Weirich & Sons Heating & Air Conditioning Co. can install, maintain, and repair your humidifier. With our vast experience in providing heating and cooling services for residential and commercial customers, our team is able to quickly and efficiently take care of your AC, furnace, and ventilation system.

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